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Tennis World: All Hail Rafa!

All Hail Rafa!

Nadal and Djocovic after one of the most thrilling finals ever
Oh what a final!! Both players deserve to win! Why does somebody have to lose?! Truly, life is hard.

Rafael Nadal has finally got himself the passport to being one of the greatest tennis players ever after his outstanding victory upon Novak Djokovic at this years US Open Final. Rafa obviously would have never accepted anything but victory as he kept pulling himself to show his most powerful and efficient shots except for his backhand which refused to complete Rafa's perfect perfomance. Viewing the other side of the coin, Nole's forehand was pretty amazing especially when he fired the ball towards the corner.Yes, Nole has absolutely fought fiercely against Rafa, but the tide didn't turn in for him, even in the last set when nothing could possibly keep Rafa apart from the precious trophy, Nole came up with one or tow amazing shots in a desperate attempt to stay in the game.
Nadal finally holds the US Open Trophy

Rafael Nadal makes history being the youngest tennis player in the open era to claim all four grand slams after Rod Laver, Andre Agassi and , of course , Roger Federer, thank's to the US Open's title. Good for him!


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